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Conference Management
Your key objective is a successful event that delivers results and outsourcing this task may be the better option. Online Events' Plannig service can quote on your specific requirements, doing as much, or as little, as you need to assist to successfully organise your event. Click here << contact >> for an e-form
Banquets and Corporate Events
Online Events individually tailors hospitality & incentive Packages for Corporate Celebrations, Dinners and Special Events. With some 1,500 venues and properties around Australia, we are confident of finding the most appropriate place for your event needs.
National Road Shows; management, training, and promotional
Organising national training programmes and marketing shows that run to schedule & within budget. Accounts from each venue are reconciled to ensure you pay exactly as quoted. Importantly, Online Events ensures that accounts from each venue are reconciled to ensure you only pay for exactly the quoted amount.

Management and Business Retreats
Management retreats are a specialised niche market. Venue Finders offers many 4 and 5 star properties superbly capable of meeting your company's individual requirements and ensure you are better able to meet the conference objectives in the right atmosphere.

Partner Programes & Transfers
Consider winery tours, country festivals & cultural events, a night at the opera, sailing or cruise activities, balloon flights & more, for your Partner programmes. Online Events can arrange your Groups tours, plus travel arrangements for your group to arrive on time.

Online information for your Conference
Customers of Online Events Conference Management receive a complimentary conference webpage on our server to assist with free-flowing communication of your conference delegates. A number of relevant graphics and page links will be provided, however e-forms or other specist graphics and documents may be charged at modest rates.
Relationship Marketing Events... exclusively for your clients
Benefit from reinvigorated client-business relationships. Online Events helps businesses to launch exclusive events to network with their own client base. It is more affordable than you think with someting like a series of business breakfast, lunches, or more sphisticated events exclusively for your firm. For more information click << business events>> for an e-form.
Venue Finders®
An excellent time-saving tool, Venue Finders is the power of information. At the very least, clients discover we provide the information to make informed decisions about venues and the associated charges, functions & events, audio-visual hire, plus so much more.
The key is we are like a travel agent that spevialises in conferences. << Venue Finders>>
Organise conferences & marketing events nationally, with Online Events ..
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