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Relationship Marketing Events .. for greater customer retention
Your company can benefit from reinvigorated client-business relationships. We're talking about relationship marketing using the event-driven tactics of Customer Retention Marketing, that treats marketing as a process over time rather than single, unconnected events.

By molding the marketing message and tactics to the Life-Cycle of the customer, the relationship marketing approach achieves very high customer satisfaction, and is highly sought after by the market place.

Using this model, you customise programs for individual consumer groups and the stage of the process they are going through as opposed to some forms of database marketing where everybody would get virtually the same promotions, with perhaps a change in offer.

This process is especially good for professional firms such as accountancy and legal firms, where more regular, purposeful customer-contact, can be extremely effective.

Exclusive Business Breakfast (or Lunch)
Customer Retention comes from conversations with your customers, and not just one brief encounter each year. These conversations need to two way communication between the marketer and the customer, and you have to LISTEN to what the customer is saying to you.

Business Breakfasts bring marketers closer to their customers. It is an opportunity for marketers to offer their customers a beneficial interaction with their company in a positive, no-pressured atmosphere.

They make excellent Loyalty Events and can be 100% exclusive to your customer base, allowing your sales and marketing team to network effectively.

From a dollar spent to dollar gained ratio, it is very effective.

Now you can see your customers more than one a year. Online Events makes it easier to tap into neglected client-bases with events that allow you and your sales team to make more sales from your contacts. click here << contact >> for an e-form.

Product Launch Events
Launching your new product range, or holding marketing control groups are made so much easier with the resources of Online Events. Complex or simple, our operations department co-ordinate with the necessary suppliers. Consider some of the benefits:

  • Appropruiate venue location and booking service
  • Process Guest lists and invitations
  • Liase with designated caterers
  • Co-ordinate Audiovisual equipement
  • Supervise event logistics
National Road Shows & Franchise Meetings
Organising national training programmes and marketing shows that run to schedule & within budget

Online Events assists companies and organisation's to co-ordinate every desired element from sourcing the venue, through to managing delegate's accommodation incentive events.
Franchise Development Events
Make maintaining the franchise network easier with Online Events' relationship management systems.
Venue Finders®
An excellent time-saving tool, Venue Finders is the power of information. At the very least, clients discover we provide the information to make informed decisions about venues and the associated charges, functions & events, audio-visual hire, plus so much more.
The key is we are like a travel agent that specialises in conferences. << Venue Finders>>

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