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Conferences, Meetings and Conventions
Online Events' optional Planning Service is an excellent way to set your next event rolling. Typically, clients choose the level of service required, depending on such factors as their own internal capabilities, time availability, or budget. Online Events plans for success.

Planning a conference for dozens, or thousands, of participants can be an overwhelming task: scheduling, budgeting, negotiating with vendors, managing details, working with committees, tracking attendance, reporting, evaluating, and getting it all done on time and under budget!

To let Online Events worry about the details, click here << contact >> for an e-form.

Venue Finders®
An excellent time-saving tool, Venue Finders is the power of information. At the very least, clients discover we provide the information to make informed decisions about venues and the associated charges, functions & events, audio-visual hire, plus so much more.
The key is we are like a travel agent that spevialises in conferences. << Venue Finders>>

Consider the benefits in having these functions totally organised:

Logistics of Meeting Planning

  • Function space assignment and appropriate room setup
  • Audiovisual needs
  • Phone lines
  • Office equipment
  • Theme parties
  • Security arrangements
  • Signage ordering and placement
  • Floor plan design
  • Guest amenities
  • Floral arrangements
  • Entertainment
  • Photographers
  • Translators
  • Registration personnel
  • Audio taping

Food and Beverage - Meeting Planning

Quantity - OEA has developed formulas over the years to assist in determining what is the correct quantity of food and beverage to order for each of your events. This applies to coffee breaks, continental breakfasts and receptions.

Quality - OEA meeting planners are trained to select menus that fit each group's needs while at the same time providing variety and taste.

Budget; we can keep your food and beverage budget under control through:

  • careful pre-ordering based on OEA formulas
  • negotiating
  • accurate guarantees
  • on-site monitoring and inventorying practices


We can assist with so many of your supplier needs:

  • Locate and research suppliers
  • Prepare RFPs
  • Review proposals
  • Negotiate
  • Create comparison grid of various proposals
  • Make recommendations based on research
  • Assist in contract review
  • Manage pre-planning and on-site service
  • Review final bill

Monitoring Expenses

Your meeting planning expenses will be controlled though:

  • the initial negotiation of a facility contract
  • supplier negotiations
  • calculated food and beverage ordering
  • carefully monitored food and beverage guarantees
  • bill review
  • managing attrition fees